"This was by far the BEST four hours I have ever spent on Zoom. I dare not consider multi-tasking during the #REDTEAMTHINKING training for FOMO."

Molly MacDonald, CEO, The Pink Fund

Red Team Thinking

Boot Camp



Discover battle-tested and business-proven Red Team Thinking tools and techniques

that you can start using right away to make good strategic decisions faster and become the leader your organization needs to succeed in today’s complex and rapidly changing world.


Don’t Outsource Thinking.


Bad leaders react

Good leaders plan



Unfortunately, too many leaders today no longer do. Instead of thinking for themselves, they have relinquished that role. They let others think for them. They hire expensive, outside consultants to tell them what to think and how to act, but those consultants don't know anymore than their own employees do. Or they try to solve their problems by adopting new methodologies. But those new ways of working don’t work without new ways of thinking.

Battle tested, business proven.


Red Team Thinking® is a cognitive capability that:

  • Engages critical thinking
  • Exposes threats and opportunities
  • Enables distributed decision making
  • Encourages diversity of thought

It is based on a set of tools originally developed by the military and intelligence agencies to:

  • Navigate complexity
  • Think more strategically
  • Develop new ideas and perspectives
  • Be more adaptive and resilient
  • Make better decisions faster in your complex world

Your training starts with this course – the Red Team Thinking Boot Camp – which is designed to introduce you to the core concepts of Red Team Thinking, as well as the science and psychology behind it, while also equipping you with two of our core RTT tools: Think-Write-Share and Six Strategic Questions™.

NOTE: This course is a prerequisite for all of our other training.


“The depth of experience and knowledge between Bryce and Marcus is incredible; provides a seamless learning and development experience.

Kelvin Templeton-Jones

Course Overview

What You'll Learn

The Red Team Thinking Boot Camp begins with a brief introduction to red teaming and Red Team Thinking, as well as the science and psychology behind this revolutionary methodology. You will learn about the cognitive biases that cloud our individual thinking, particularly in times of crisis, and the organizational threats to sound decision making.


You will also learn:

Liberating Structures

Groupthink mitigation techniques designed to leverage the wisdom of your organization.


A simple, yet powerful, technique for stimulating deeper cognition and ensuring everyone's voice is heard.

Six Strategic Questions™

Pointed queries that help you create the right plan and ensure everyone understands it.

Complete RTT Basic Training!


Upon successfully completing the course, all participants will receive their Red Team Thinking Basic Training digital certificate, and can enroll in any other Red Team Thinking course.

 Only $100 when you sign up today.

NOTE: The course fee is in US$.



Our Boot Camp will arm you with tools you can start using right away to make better decisions, and it will provide you with the theoretical foundation you need for all of our more advanced training.

Once you complete the course, you will be able to refer back to the class materials as often as you like to refresh your understanding and remind yourself of how to apply this methodology in your own work.

However, we’d like to go beyond that, because it's also our guarantee.


If after completing the Red Team Thinking Boot Camp you don't feel completely confident that red teaming is for you, then we’ll refund your investment, no questions asked!


Your Boot Camp Instructors

Red Team Thinking is the world’s leading provider of decision-support red team training and facilitation. In fact, our president literally wrote the book on red teaming. Powered by a cadre of military-trained red team leaders and business strategists, we help organizations develop the Three Cs: CLARITY, CAPABILITY, and CULTURE.

Bryce G. Hoffman

Bestselling Author & President, Red Team Thinking

Bryce is a bestselling author, speaker and strategic advisor, as well as the founder and president of Red Team Thinking. In 2015, he became the first civilian to graduate from the U.S. Army’s red team leader training program. He then worked with companies around the world to develop a model for business red teaming, which he shared in his 2017 book, Red Teaming: How Your Business Can Conquer the Competition by Challenging Everything. His first book, American Icon: Alan Mulally and the Fight to Save Ford Motor Company, has become a manual for CEOs looking to transform their corporate culture. Bryce has taught these tools and techniques to corporations, government agencies, and militaries around the world. He also has taught red teaming at the University of California, Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, National University of Singapore Business School, Warwick Business School, and other leading academic institutions.. Prior to founding Red Team Thinking, Bryce spent 22 years working as a financial journalist for newspapers across the U.S.

Wing Commander Marcus Dimbleby RAF (Ret'd)

Vice President, Red Team Thinking

Marcus is a former military red teamer who has been sharing these tools and techniques with corporations in the U.K. and around the world since retiring from the Royal Air Force in 2013. In the RAF, he served as a fighter controller and also enjoyed tours with the Royal Marines, Royal Navy and U.S. Marine Corps, with whom he went to Iraq in 2003. An airfield director, strategic and operational planner, and, finally, one of the Air Security Executives responsible for defending the U.K. during the 2012 Olympic Games in London. With extensive experience gained as a senior military officer Marcus seamlessly moved into the business world in London, initially as a senior manager at a major consultancy, then an independent contractor, then business owner and partner – leading on major business transformations predominantly in the financial sector. Along with his military skills and training, Marcus has completed post-graduate studies in Strategic Leadership and Management, as well as Business Management in the areas of performance improvement and change management.

What previous attendees said: 

"Practicality of the course and immediate usability is 100%. It's not quite as important as breathing, but having the ability to Red Team yourself, your teams and your projects develops the 360 awareness needed for success."

Rob Martin Deputy Fire Chief, Ontario, Canada

"Red Team Thinking is exactly the missing piece for us and our industry"

Chief Paul Sandman, Director of Public Safety, Highland Park Texas, USA


"Prepared. Professional. Relevant. Applicable. Would highly recommend for all senior leaders and those that appreciate diversity of thought and action to achieve best result."

Michael Rainey, Leadership Consultant, USA

"Well done gentlemen, very well done. Best online course I have ever done...by far."

Tim Durkin, Business and Leadership Coach, USA


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