Rethinking Venture Capital

1 November 2021

Episode 009: Rethinking Venture Capital

Welcome to another episode of The Thinking Leader podcast, brought to you by Red Team Thinking. In this episode, Bryce Hoffman talks with Mark McNally, founder of Nobody Studios, about his new vision for venture capital and his goal to launch 100 companies in five years. 

Mark is a serial entrepreneur whose first start-up went public with a $4 billion market cap back in 1999 when he was just 24. Since then, he has helped launch 14 companies, raised more than $300 million and seen over $5 billion in exits.

He’s “challenging the status quo daily and creating rapid but healthy disruption.” Nobody Studios is unified by its principles of rapid and frugal innovation, a “people first” mentality, crowd first execution in everything, and transparency to its core.

Think differently.

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