Specialized Practices 


In addition to offering red team training and support to companies and other organizations worldwide, we offer focused training and support in a number of key areas. These programs are tailored to the specific needs of decision-makers in these domains and delivered by instructors with relevant expertise who understand their unique challenges and opportunities.


For wildland and urban fire agencies grappling with new challenges and emerging threats. 

Public Health

For public health leaders at every level to help them make better decisions faster under the most trying conditions.


Providing comprehensive red team training to the U.S., U.K., and allied militaries around the world.



For departments who want to rethink policing and better understand the communities they serve.


Public Health Practice

The public health sector has been tested like never before with the COVID-19 pandemic. The complexity of decision-making required of public health leaders and practitioners has never been more apparent. 

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Fire Practice

We work with fire agencies at the national, state, and local level to help their leaders make better decisions faster under the most trying conditions.

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Military Practice by RTTA

Red Team Thinking Academy is the world's leading provider of decision-support red team training. Contact us to request access to our community forum or for more information about our specialized practices. 

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