Who We Are


Bryce G. Hoffman

Founding Partner and President

U.S.A. (San Francisco)

Marcus Dimbleby 

Partner and Vice President

U.K. (London)

Red Team Leaders

Dr. Kevin Benson

U.S.A. (Kansas City)

Ellie Cloke

U.K. (London)

Craig Cockburn

U.K. (Edinburgh)

Jayson Coil

U.S.A. (Sedona)

Jacques Cosset

France (Paris)

André Daus

Germany (Cologne)

Tim Durkin

U.S.A. (Texas)

Lucy Ellis

U.S.A (Atlanta)  

Ben Ford

U.K. (London)

Khuram Hussain

Netherlands (Rotterdam)

Mark Kiehlmann

Scotland (Glasgow)

John Koch

U.S.A. (Denver)

Itai Shapira

Israel (Tel Aviv)

Kate Stewart

U.S.A. (Montana)

Remco Van Der Horst

Netherlands (Amsterdam)

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Red Team Thinking

Red Team Thinking is for companies that are not satisfied with their success. It’s for organizations that know they can always do more, go farther, and fly higher.

If you’re happy with where you are and do not want to change, then you don’t need Red Team Thinking. But if you want to make better decisions, create a culture of innovation, and become a disruptor in your industry, contact us to learn how Red Team Thinking can help you thrive in an uncertain future.