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Critical thinkers

are the new superheroes.

Be one.



Red Team Thinking is a cognitive capability that helps you navigate your complex world. It engages critical thinking, enables distributed decision making, and encourages diversity of thought.

Are you ready to think differently?

Red Teaming the Present Crisis

Thanks to the novel coronavirus, every company is now grappling with an existential threat. Red Team Thinking was created for challenges just like this one. We can equip you and your team with the tools and techniques you need to not only get through this, but also to emerge stronger and better positioned to succeed in our changed world.

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We are not consultants. We won’t tell you the right answers, because we don’t know your business as well as you do. What we will do is arm you with the tools you need to find the answers yourself. And you will find them because they already reside inside your organization. So, don’t outsource thinking. Let us show you how to use Red Team Thinking to make better decisions faster and disrupt yourself before someone – or something – disrupts you.


Instruction and certification for individuals and organizations that want to develop their own Red Team Thinking capability.



Let us lead your team through a comprehensive red teaming analysis of your strategy or plan before you make your next big decision.



One-on-one training and support for leaders who want to learn to think differently and lead more effectively in these challenging times.


"Red teaming is a vital way for leaders to get the honest answers and alternative perspectives they need to plan better and make their strategies succeed."

Marshall Goldsmith
World-famous leadership coach

"Red teaming provides the specific tools and a reliable process to continuously improve your management system and business plan to adapt and thrive in our rapidly changing world."

Alan Mulally
Legendary CEO

A message from our president

The only way forward right now is to adapt and evolve. There is a way through this crisis, but navigating this changed world is going to require new ways of thinking. You are going to have to learn to challenge your assumptions, embrace hard truths and make plans that are both adaptable and resilient.

There is a model for this: red teaming. Militaries and intelligence agencies around the world have been using it for years to cope with challenges just like this one. In fact, they’re using it right now.

You can, too...



We wrote the book on red teaming

Red teaming is the definitive guide to decision support red teaming. In it, you will find detailed descriptions of the core red teaming tools and techniques that were developed by the military and intelligence agencies to help organizations overcome groupthink, challenge their assumptions and make better strategic decisions.



We help companies and governmental organizations around the world challenge their assumptions, stress-test their strategies and make better decisions in a complex world. Some of our clients include:

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