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What’s Your Leadership Super Power?

Dec 12, 2019

We hear many things about what a leader is or isn’t.

For me it’s simple.

It’s about people.

It’s about thinking and enabling those people to be awesome, the best that they can be.

I call it ‘unleashing the dormant superhero within’, because there’s one in everyone of us.

Everyone has the ability to be awesome, at something, at many things. But many aren’t.

Many are shackled and hampered in the workplace. Many are disheartened and disengaged. Many aren’t bringing their A-game to work, and probably not in their personal lives either. And that’s really sad.

A leader enables and empowers people to be the best they can be. They create the environment for people to flourish, set clear parameters, and provide direction and support.

As my Mum used to tell me, all you need to grow is: Love, Direction and Boundaries. So unleash the dormant Superhero in your people. You’ll be amazed at what they can do. What’s your super...

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If You Think Leadership Doesn’t Matter, Look At Boeing

Mar 23, 2019


If you think leadership doesn’t matter, look at Boeing.

Last week, following the second fatal crash of one of its new 737 Max 8s in less than six months, Boeing Co. shares plummeted by 12 percent, destroying more than $28 billion in shareholder value. It was Boeing’s biggest loss since September 2001, when terrorists flew four of the company’s planes into the World Trade Center and Pentagon. In the dark days that followed, Boeing’s stock price fell to less than $28 a share from a monthly high of almost $52 as half its orders for new planes were canceled or delayed.

But over the next five years, Boeing’s Commercial Airplanes Group soared back to record sales, revenue and earnings under the leadership of its new CEO Alan Mulally.

Mulally, who had led the development of the Boeing 777 — the company’s most profitable aircraft ever — was tapped to lead the group just a few months before the terrorist attacks. His unshakeable...

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