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Episode 014: The First C - Clarity - and Status Quo Bias

Season #2

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Welcome to another episode of The Thinking Leader podcast, brought to you by Red Team Thinking. Bad leaders react, good leaders plan, and great leaders think. Each week, Bryce and Marcus bring you actionable ideas and insights that you can use to think more strategically and lead more effectively so that you can better navigate your complex world.

In this episode, they discuss the importance of clarity, both for strategy and execution, as well as status quo bias. Clarity means being honest with yourself about the present situation – about the challenges and opportunities you face as an organization. Clarity also means creating alignment, so that everyone understands where you are heading and are rowing in the same direction. Status quo bias refers to our tendency to resist change and prefer "business as usual" – even if business as usual isn't working anymore.

Bryce and Marcus also talk about:

  • How to create clarity and alignment
  • The power of a unifying vision
  • How to challenge the status quo constructively


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