Episode 33 of THE THINKING LEADER PODCAST: What The Human Race Has Built is Sub-Optimal with Institute For Future’s Michael Kleeman: Click here to listen.

Episode 28: Red Teaming Climate Change

Season #2

In this episode of The Thinking Leaders Podcast Bryce and Marcus discuss Bryce's visit to London to meet with Marcus.

Bryce flew out on one of the hottest day in UK history which opened his eyes to how poorly prepared the UK is for the inevitable change in climate it will experience in the future.

Marcus highlights the issues between so-called "black swan" & "grey rhino" events. Black swan events are things that we had no chance of seeing coming, therefore there is no time to prepare for them. A grey rhino event is a problem so big it is very hard to miss, such as the looming climate problems the UK and other countries are going to face in the coming years.

Bryce and Marcus talk about the necessary steps to follow when dealing with big problems and explain how Red Team Thinking can help leaders better plan for these disruptive events.

 In this episode you will learn:

  • Why climate change is a challenge every organization needs to prepare for
  • How to red team major and unexpected events
  • How Red Team Thinking can help you make more resilient plans.


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Bestselling business author Bryce Hoffman and agility expert Marcus Dimbleby talk about decision making, strategy, resilience and leadership with some of the world’s best CEOs, cognitive scientists, writers, and thinkers in this weekly podcast. Each episode offers new ideas and insights you can use to become a better leader and a better thinker – because bad leaders react, good leaders plan, and great leaders think!


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