Episode 59 of THE THINKING LEADER PODCAST: Preparing The Next Generation Of Leaders with Ron Boire: Click here to listen.

Episode 42: Never trust a bot: The KFC debacle

Season #2

In this episode of The Thinking Leader, Bryce Hoffman and Marcus Dimbleby talk about the recent KFC debacle and automation bias.


They discuss the seduction of technology and the need to use critical thinking – even when you are using powerful AIs.


In this episode:

  • Why you should use Red Team Thinking before implementing AI into your business 
  • How to see problems AI and Bots may cause in your business 
  • Why human decision makers need strong critical thinking skills




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Bestselling business author Bryce Hoffman and agility expert Marcus Dimbleby talk about decision making, strategy, resilience and leadership with some of the world’s best CEOs, cognitive scientists, writers, and thinkers in this weekly podcast. Each episode offers new ideas and insights you can use to become a better leader and a better thinker – because bad leaders react, good leaders plan, and great leaders think!


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