Episode 99 of THE THINKING LEADER PODCAST: Rebroadcast - Uncertainty and the Limits of AI with Chris Butler: Click here to listen.

Episode 85: Teaching Critical Thinking to Future Generations

Season #2

In this episode of The Thinking Leader, Bryce Hoffman and Marcus Dimbleby talk with the show’s producer Sam about teaching critical thinking skills to future generations.


Sam opens up the discussion about a recent episode of the show highlighting the growing demand for critical thinking in the workplace, and how skills like Red Team Thinking could be incorporated into education to prepare young people for an increasingly complex world. Bryce & Marcus debate how to engage parents in teaching their own children applied critical thinking and how to make these important skills a central part of the national curriculum.


In this episode:

  • How red team thinking will be needed to meet future needs
  • Why parents want to know how to teach kids applied critical thinking
  • Why teachers need to focus on more than just standardized testing
  • What makes society accept and celebrate mediocrity and why higher standards are needed



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Bestselling business author Bryce Hoffman and agility expert Marcus Dimbleby talk about decision making, strategy, resilience and leadership with some of the world’s best CEOs, cognitive scientists, writers, and thinkers in this weekly podcast. Each episode offers new ideas and insights you can use to become a better leader and a better thinker – because bad leaders react, good leaders plan, and great leaders think!


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