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Red Team Thinking is the world’s leading provider of decision support red teaming for business. Our military-trained red team leaders and experienced business strategists help companies of all sizes make better decisions, create a culture of innovation, and better understand the future. By showing you how to think differently about your business, we can help you become a disruptor in your industry – rather than one of the disrupted.

What Is Red Team Thinking?

Red Team Thinking is a systematic way of making critical and contrarian thinking part of the strategic planning process of any organization. It provides a robust set of tools designed to challenge your assumptions, expose hidden threats, identify missed opportunities, and stress-test your plans and strategies.

These techniques help you think differently about your business and consider the unintended consequences of your actions. They let you see how customers, competitors, and other key constituencies will react to moves you make in the marketplace before you make them. They can also show you how to turn disruptive events to your advantage. With Red Team Thinking, you can stay relevant, keep ahead of  your competition, and cope with an increasingly uncertain world.

Red Team Thinking is a more agile and adaptable version of red teaming, a formal process developed primarily by the U.S. military and intelligence agencies in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the disastrous wars that followed them. Drawing on the latest research in cognitive psychology and human decision-making, they developed a series of tools designed to challenge assumptions and examine problems from all sides.

Applying Red Teaming to Business

The most innovative and disruptive corporations have long employed some of the techniques of red teaming. Critical thinking is part of the DNA of companies such as Amazon and Google. The best venture capital firms – such as Kleiner, Perkins, and Caufield & Byers – use some of the same tools to vet potential investment targets. But these companies’ methods have been difficult to extract and replicate.

Our founder, Bryce G. Hoffman, saw that red teaming could help – established companies think and act like innovative disruptors while also inoculating even successful companies against complacency – and groupthink. So he convinced the Pentagon to allow him to become the first civilian from outside government to take the Army’s Red Team Leader course at Fort Leavenworth, which is regarded as the gold standard for red team training worldwide.

After graduating in 2015, Hoffman founded Red Team Thinking and began working with companies in the United States and abroad to port these military methods to business. Since then, we have helped clients around the world – from Fortune 15 multinationals to technology startups – use these revolutionary techniques to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Let us do the same for your business.

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Red Team Thinking is for companies that are not satisfied with their success. It’s for organizations that know they can always do more, go farther, and fly higher.

If you’re happy with where you are and do not want to change, then you don’t need Red Team Thinking. But if you want to make better decisions, create a culture of innovation, and become a disruptor in your industry, contact us to learn how Red Team Thinking can help you thrive in an uncertain future.