Fire Practice 

Firefighting has changed. Wildland blazes have reached apocalyptic proportions and are becoming so common in some regions as to render the whole notion of “fire season” meaningless. Meanwhile, urban departments are contending with a dizzying array of new missions and new challenges.


If you are going to accomplish your mission in this changing world, you are going to have to change too. You are going to have to think your way through these challenges – you and your team, together. Through intensive workshops, training and facilitation, we can equip you with the tools you need to navigate this complexity and create plans with optionality so that you can move faster without being tripped up by changing circumstances.

These techniques were designed to deal with high-stakes challenges. They were created by the military and intelligence agencies to stress-test their strategies, challenge their assumptions, identify unseen threats and highlight missed opportunities. They are based on the latest research into cognitive psychology and the human decision-making process.

By employing Red Team Thinking, you'll learn how to make more resilient plans and make better decisions faster.


We offer comprehensive Red Team Thinking training, support, and certification for organizations and individuals that want think more strategically, plan more effectively, and think more clearly under pressure.

Our custom offerings range from half-day sessions designed to introduce your team to this revolutionary methodology to week-long intensives that will arm you with the tools they need to make better decisions faster every day and conduct your own red teaming analyses of your strategies and plans.

This is not theoretical instruction; it is practical, hands-on training that you and your team can begin using right away. And because all our courses are modular, we can easily put together a program that fits with your training schedule.

Talk to us about the challenges you are facing and the goals you would like to achieve, and we’ll put together a customized training plan that meets the unique needs of your agency or department.


If you have a complex problem that you need to solve or a critical plan that you want to pressure test, we can help.


Our experienced red team leaders will work with you to select the right tools for the job based on the issue and the amount of time you can devote to it. At the same time, we will provide you and your team with access to our online, self-directed Red Team Thinking Boot Camp™ so that you can hit the ground running. We will lead you and your team through a comprehensive Red Team Thinking analysis of your strategy, plan or problem using an array of analytical, imaginative and contrarian techniques.


By the time we take our first break, you will have begun challenging your assumptions, gained powerful new insights, and surfaced new ideas and options. As we move from divergent thinking to convergent thinking, your team will make your plan better, stronger, and more resilient.

This is not consulting.

We bring the questions; you bring the answers – because the truths you need to hear already reside inside your organization. Our job is to help you uncover them, examine them, and act on them.


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Red Team Thinking

Red Team Thinking is for companies that are not satisfied with their success. It’s for organizations that know they can always do more, go farther, and fly higher.

If you’re happy with where you are and do not want to change, then you don’t need Red Team Thinking. But if you want to make better decisions, create a culture of innovation, and become a disruptor in your industry, contact us to learn how Red Team Thinking can help you thrive in an uncertain future.