Outsource Thinking™


Want to start red teaming today? Are you grappling with a major decision? Do you have a major strategy or plan that you need to stress-test before giving it the green light?

We can help.

We will lead your team through a comprehensive analysis of your strategy, plan or problem using an array of analytical, imaginative and contrarian techniques. Our experienced red team leaders will work with you to select the right tools for the job based on the issue you are working on and the amount of time you can devote to red teaming it. Then we will host a virtual workshop where we will help you and your team apply those techniques to the problem at hand. That’s when the fun begins – because while red teaming is hard work and requires a lot of brain sweat, it is also liberating and rewarding.

By the time we take our first break, you will have gained powerful insights about your business, surfaced new ideas and begun challenging your own assumptions. You will leave our workshop with ideas and options that you can act on immediately.


This is not traditional consulting. We don’t give you the answers, because you already have them. They reside inside your organization. What we bring are the questions – the tools you need to uncover them and act on them.

So, don’t outsource thinking; let us help you use Red Team Thinking to challenge your own assumptions, stress-test your strategies and navigate this complex and rapidly changing world.